Why Most Price is Right Contestants Should be Spayed or Neutered

I like to lick the dollar bills on the Price is Right

I watch the price is right…alot.

This wasn’t my choice. I think you could say that I inherited it from my wife. While on maternity leave she and our son decided that an important part of their daily routine was to watch Price. When I took over as a Stay at Home Dad most of my daily schedule was predetermined by what my wife had done in the past year. Part of this routine (unfortunately) was watching the Price is Right. I accepted my fate and began watching the Price is Right every morning. I had a tough time accepting that Drew Cary was the host, but there was something else that bothered me:

The contestants were doing it wrong

To illustrate why I think most contestants are “doing it wrong” let’s take a look at the process that a Price is Right contestant follows:

  • Get called to bidding area
  • Bid on the prize
  • Guess closest to the price
  • Play some kind of game, win or lose the prize
  • Spin the Wheel get close to a dollar go to Showcase Showdown
  • Guess price of Showcase, win prize

During this whole phase most contestants do the same thing, which to me is frustrating and down right stupid: They ask the audience or their group of friends to help them guess the correct price of the prizes. Here is why I think this is a bad move on their part.

The Luck Factor: Getting told to “come on down” really takes zero skill. The only thing that can be done in this situation is cross your fingers, think positive and get lucky. That’s how you get a chance to bid – you get lucky. So each person that you see bowing at the feet of Drew Cary guessing numbers is a lucky person.

Number Guessing: Once they are lucky enough to get told to “come on down” the contestant then has to bid on a small prize in order to head up on stage to try for the big prize. If they have the skill to guess this price correctly then they get to continue to the next stage of the game.

At this point the contestant has been prequalified and is the person with the best chance to make a winning decision.

They have been pre qualified to win in two areas:

  1. They are lucky people
  2. They have proven to have the ability to guess at least one price correct.

This is where I get frustrated. Why would they look to the audience and guesture “higher or lower” or start flashing numbers to get help in guessing a price. The people that they are asking are not lucky (otherwise they would be on the stage) and have no documented proof of being able to guess the price of daily household items. The person on the stage has been pre qualified to make the correct decisions and they are their own best chance of winning.  Imagine the contestant asking the audience which slot to shove the Plinko chip down, or how much pressure to apply to the wheel. It’s really just the same as asking the audience for a help on a price.

I think I may have too much time on my hands…

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Deanna Whiteley

Wow Bob is so young here! I never knew he ever had brown hair. Don`t blame it on your wife, you were addicted to this show since we were little 😉


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