Support the Blog Icon, Not Workplace Violence

support the standard blog iconFirst off, the number one reason why I support the blog icon is because it stopped me from slapping my boss in the face, which of course means I am still employed.  I am sure there are other reasons as well, but for the most part I couldn’t really give a rats ass about the blog icon.  I think it is due to the fact that I had never encountered the situation before, so I had never really thought about there being a specific icon for blogging in general.

So here is how the debate with my boss started:

I was giving a face lift to one of his sites by adding a few social networking icons.  When I presented the mockup I had used the standard icons for Facebook, Twitter etc, as well I had used the WordPress icon to to provide a link to the blog (which of course was powered by WordPress).  He told me that he hated the WordPress icon and that he wanted me to use the ‘standard blog icon.’  I asked him to show me this icon, and he produced the RSS icon.  I told him what the icon really was and how it was used to denote that there was a feed on the page that one could subscribe to. He responded with, ‘like a blog.’  I told him that was accurate, but it was inaccurate to have an RSS icon that links to a blog. If someone clicks on an RSS icon they expect to get a feed of the content on that page, not be transfered to a page where you can pick up an RSS feed of the content of a different page.

This battle continued much like the Neo vs Agent Smith battle: both equally matched and neither ready to back down.

By some miracle, my boss came to me moments later to show me something.  It seems that someone named Brendan Mitchell had encountered a similar problem (probably without the epic bullet time battle) and had created a blog icon, which is a variation of the RSS icon.  Upon further research I learned that on a separate occasion a company in Spain tried to tackle the blog icon issue as well.  Both parties created a very similar icon, so it seems to me that it was meant to be.

I am not sure how often I would use it considering how long I have gone without using one, but it seems that we need a standard, and this is the one I have chosen to get behind. For you bloggers out there, is this something you can get behind, or is there an alternate icon that you think would suit this standard better.

If you are for it, please use the buttons below to help spread the word.  If you are against it, use the comment section below to let me know why.

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