The White Double Journey Step 16

In the last step I mentioned that things went sideways, and it seems that this step went a little sideways as well. It seems that there are a number of different variables that need to be accounted for as the dollar value increases. Right now the main variable is space. With a new baby on the way, having space to store any materials/inventory for the Double Journey is an important consideration.

My first plan for this step was going to be buying older vintage bikes and fixing them up. I planned on using this step to educate myself about bikes and restoration. I did some research first and found that there wasn’t a large profit margin, and the market didn’t move all that quickly. Based on this I ditched the bike idea.

My next thought was to build a computers. I saw a guy on Used Victoria that was selling a box of computer parts (enough to build 2 older PC’s) for $10. I jumped on the deal without much thought as I figured that $10 was not much of a risk. After having all the parts and doing some research I realized that much like the bikes, there wasn’t much of a profit margin and the market was slow, especially for older computers. I could build custom computers for people, but that would mean consulation on what parts they need, what they want to do with the computer, and then of course there would be warranty issues. This seemed like a huge headache. Plus, in order to build a computer I would need space to store the parts and do all the building. This all seemed like too much of a hassle for not much return, so I sold all the computer parts for a $10 profit.

I realized that with the computer parts that I bought a large lot of bits and pieces and was able to sell them off individually for a profit. I went back to the drawing board, and after a bit of research I realized that I could apply this to a different niche. My final decision was to buy a large lot of Transformer toys, and then resell them individually. This worked out pretty well as they all fit nicely into my bedside table (at first). After a while I branched out and moved into a few other genres of toys (such as Battle Beasts, He Man etc) and eventually managed to complete step 16 which was to turn $160 into $320.

I am now moving into some of the bigger steps that have a lot more money at stake. Of course I just have to remember that I started with nothing to begin with. I was given a single penny that started this all, which means that if I lose the money in one of the steps I have no need to worry because I have nothing actually invested except my time.

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It is fun to read and follow this.
I am excited for you as your entrepreneural nature will take you to the top.
Don’t even think about losing it! You’ll do just fine.


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