How I Traded My Old Apple TV for a New One Plus $72.89

At this point I am not sure if this is a story about my wheeling and dealing adventures, or if it is perhaps a confession to my wife.  This little adventure involved me selling some of our belongings in order to put a few dollars in my pocket.

It started when I received a text notification that there was a new ad placed on Used Victoria that had used the word Nintendo.  I have notifications in place so that whenever anyone places an ad using a Nintendo related keyword I am the first to know.  The ad in this case was for someone wanting to trade a big box of Nintendo games for a 2nd generation Apple TV.

I don’t have Nunchuck Skills, but I do have Math Skills…

I used my awesome Nintendo Math skills which I picked up during Step 17 of The White Double Journey, and found that the value of the games being offered was around $250.  I quickly emailed the person and let them know I had a 2nd generation Apple TV that I was willing to trade.

That night I made a trip to Future Shop to pick up a brand new 3rd generation Apple TV for $127.11.  The next day I met up with the person and made the exchange.  I tested all the games, felt a bit nostalgic and then headed off to visit my buddy Minh, who runs a local retro gaming shop called Hometech Games.

I piled everything up on the counter and asked Minh if he would be interested in buying it all for $250.  He used his Nintendo Math skills to counter with $200, and I shook his hands.

At this point I had a brand new Apple TV in my house, plus an extra $72.89 in my pocket. Another great adventure of wheeling and dealing.

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Kimberley Aitken Salmons

Good job. Glad it worked out or someone may have been a bit annoyed with you.


    Chris Whiteley

    I used my "planning ahead skills" combined with my "not getting busted skills" to pull off this caper.


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