Those Old Man Slippers

Since as far back as I can remember I have worn “old man slippers.” Of course back when I first started wearing them they weren’t referred to by there current name; back then they were just slippers.  For the most part they were purchased from a low end department store like K-Mart, and so they could actually be referred to as “cheapo slippers”

You probably know these slippers well if you have a father or grand father. They look like comfy slip on shoes and usually sport some kind of plaid pattern.  They are quite inexpensive in price and are made from the “best stuff on Earth.”

When I first started living with Carmelle she laughed the first time when my feet got cold and I donned on my slippers. It was at that point the slippers were named the Old Man Slippers. Shortly after that the slippers became synonymous with me becoming an old man.

Throughout the years I slowly started exhibiting more “old man” style behaviours such as “Muppet Dancing” in the car.  It seems that whether I was ready for it or not I was destined to become an old man. It actually seemed that I was destined to be just like my Dad.

Now that I have recently become a father I can really see these “old man” idiosyncrasies coming through very strongly and as I plunge further into Fatherhood I expect to see much more.

For you Fathers out there, did you have similar moments when you knew you were ready to be a Dad?

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Chris Fraser

Mr. White for me it was the slow and deceptive development of the beer belly. one day I'm climbing mountains and the next…….OMG what is that and where did it come from. Now a few years later I can look back and see it for what it truly was, simply my body preparing for the birth of my children and providing me with a perch to place them on. And for the dads with the belly's you know its true. lean back and tuck em in and they ain't going anywhere.


Mike Fraser

lol thats some funny stuff. Nothing here though just laughter.


Scott Duck

Shit man … I still sometimes wonder if Im fully ready. Maybe Ill never think I am. Not sure. Perhaps thats a good sign though. Ill just have to keep trying to get better at it.


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