The White Double Journey Step 15

This step went sideways, and did not turn out at all how I planned. At points I had all the stake money invested and was unsure if I would be able to at least get my original amount back. Some how I made it through and have completed the step $80 into $160. I have just 13 more steps to go, and with this step taking almost 8 months at this rate it could be another 10 years before I make it to step 28.

As with each step I try to come up with a theme; the theme for Step 15 was Lego. In December I had seen a large number of ads appearing on Used Victoria advertising Lego. These ads seemed to get a lot of activity as well as fetch a good price for Lego. When I returned home from my Christmas vacation I immediately got started. I went to eBay and found a few auctions that were selling large amounts of bulk Lego. I spent the entire stake on 1000 pieces of Lego which according to my calculations on Used Victoria should easily have converted to $160. It didn’t.

Once the Lego had arrive in the mail I excitedly opened the box to learn that 1000 pieces of Lego does not look like much. I later learned that no one wanted to buy my Lego $160. In fact no one wanted to buy my Lego for the $80 either. It seems that the influx of Lego activity that I had witnessed was due to the holiday season which I did not take into account. I was in a bit of a rough spot. I was in damage control mode, I had to come up with a solution that would allow me to continue moving forward instead of moving back a step.

Next up I thought that maybe I could sell all the pieces individually through an online Lego marketplace called Bricklink. I sorted through all the Legos and started listing them in a store, but came to the conclusion that this would take way to long to set up and much much longer to actually sell all the Lego piece by piece. At this point I had taken inventory of everything I had and noticed there were a lot of Lego’s from the Classic Space collections. I used the Bricklink website to sort through my collection and separate the space Lego from non Space Lego. I then listed the non space Lego on an eBay auction with a starting bid of $0.99. I wanted the Lego out of my site, as well I need a bit of capitol to unhatch the next plan of attack.

I found a website that listed all of the instruction manuals for all the kits that ever existed for Lego and attempted to see if I had any full sets of Space Lego in my possession. As I predicted I didn’t. I did however have a few that were close to being completed so I took stock of what pieces were missing and using the money from the eBay auction I purchased all of the missing pieces from the Bricklink site. I also purchased some of the instruction manuals so that I could hopefully increase the value of the sets when I sold them.

All I did was try to complete sets, sell on eBay and try to complete another set. Somewhere in the midst of everything I used my Step 14 skills to move closer to my goal amount.

I learned a lot from this step, but most importantly I learned that sometimes demand for things can be seasonal. In the future I will try to see if I can use this to my advantage. When I was thinking about step 16 I thought perhaps I could buy a lot of fans before the summer heat hit because it is impossible to find a fan in Victoria in the summer. I’m glad that I didn’t though because the summer has been very mild and there is not much of a desperate need for fans as there had been in past years.

I think that also because of the amount of time and activity that happened during this step I am not going to do a full review post at the end of the step but instead make progress posts along the way,

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