The Love of a Sourdough Jack

I think about Jack in the Box a lot.

Well, more specifically I think about Sourdough Jacks. I’m really not sure why, it could be the fact that you cannot get one in Canada, and like most people I want what I cannot have. It could also be the fact that it is an amazing burger that utilizes the most awesome type of bread ever.

I’m a fast food junkie through and through. There is just something about eating at a McDonalds, Wendy’s or A&W etc that I just love. Due to the fact that we do not have a Jack in the Box in Canada at all, makes the craving for the Sourdough Jack even stronger.

Whenever I cross the border to the U.S., I go out of my way to consume a Sourdough Jack. I am not sure how it all began, or why I do this, but I do know that I am not alone. I have a group of friends that (more or less) feel the same way as I do about the Sourdough Jack. Anytime one of us heads to the states, we usually ask to be brought back a Sourdough Jack. There are times however that this love of Jack in Box has become a problematic or disappointing.

The Border Guard

While in Vancouver with a group of friends we decided that we were close enough to the border to cross over and stop by a Jack in the Box. By the time we reached the border it was night, and there were no other cars crossing. The border guard asked what our reason for visiting the United States was and we stated excitedly that we were heading to Jack in the Box. The guard promptly explained that there was not a Jack in the Box nearby and that we were to step out of the car.

From my memory he tore the car apart looking for drugs (of course my memory cannot be trusted as I also remember beating up Lenny Kravitz at the Virgin Records store in Vancouver).

Indignant Jack

A friend had asked me to bring him back a Sourdough Jack when I returned from the States. I got home late and brought the Sourdough Jack to him sometime around midnight. He was quite upset at the late hour of my arrival and angrily explained that he had to work in a few hours. I was quite upset at his way of expressing his gratitude so I ate his Sourdough Jack and left. 10 years later he returned the favour by delivering a “Midnight Sourdough Jack” but as it happens an hour prior to the delivery I was explaining to my wife that I had a major craving for a cheeseburger and would by hitting up a drive through shortly. His revenge most likely did not taste as awesome as the Sourdough Jack that I ate.

Hawaii is Not a Paradise

While I was excited to visit Hawaii for the first time I was disappointed that the Big Island did not have a Jack in the Box. I did however find a fantastic place that brought joy to my grease filled fast food heart. It was called Cafe 100 and if you ever end up in Hilo I suggest you take some bliss thinners and take stab at eating everything on the menu.

Sourdoughless in Seattle

I spent a solid 7 hours in Seatac airport wait for a flight home to Victoria (in the time I was there I could have walked home to Victoria or at least taken the Clipper). It’s hard to kill 7 hours in an airport at any given time. It’s even harder to do it at 4 in the morning. When I finally got the plane and started my journey home I could see that just a block away from the airport a Jack in The Box. I could have eaten at least three meals there in the time I was at the airport. That my friends was heartache.

If I were to attend a taping of the Oprah show, and she had one of those episodes where she gave something away to everyone in the audience, I would be ecstatic if she gave away Sourdough Jacks.

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