Shopping for Niche Topics to Start a Blog

So you want to start a blog but you have no idea what you should write about.

I see this happen all the time, people get caught up in the blogging buzz and then quickly lose interest in the topic they have chosen to write about, or the blog sits there with zero content because the owner doesn’t want to end up having posted crap on their blog.

Well its time to suck it up, dive right in, punch the tiger in the face…get started.

Before I get to the point I am going to blabber for a few sentences. I should really stop starting blogs, because I lose interest quickly. I think one of the main problems people have with blogging is either too many ideas or not enough. For example I have created blogs about:

Student Loans
Saving Money
World of Warcraft
Office Fitness
and a bunch more…

And most of these have been abandoned and deleted. Why? Because I lose interest. I suffer from the too many ideas. I may just keep making blogs until the day I die. Perhaps for me the only solution will be a prescription for Ritalin.

For those of you suffering from the ‘too many ideas’ syndrome, I can’t help you much as I am still having the same problem. All I can is go out there and get these blogging ideas out of your system, but for those of you that suffer from the ‘not enough ideas’ I suggest you watch my video below (which was created a year ago for one of my other blogs) about you get a new calendar and have enough content for a blog post a day for 365 days:

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Hi Chris,

I just stumbled upon (not literally from stumbleupon) your blog here. What a brilliant idea!!! Like you, I have too many ideas a day for a blog, I never get started (or don't continue) for the exact reason that I don't know how I would keep it up every day.

Thank you so much for this video and giving me some ideas. By the way, you are so funny.




@April: Thanks for letting me know I am funny. I thought I may have lost a bit of my humour over the last while. I had a pretty awesome blog in the past that I deleted where I was pretty funny. I though perhaps my comedic nature was sent to the recycle bin as well



Hi Chris,

What a shame about the deleted blog! If it was even funnier than this I would have loved it.

Sounds like you've been depressed but no you are still seriously funny. Clearly you only "sent" your talent to the recycle bin but omitted to delete it! Thank the Lord for that.

I don't only read your blog because it's funny – I also find it very helpful, thank you.

Hope you're ok.


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