Search Meter: A Search Plugin that Powers up Content Creation & Usability

I was going to start off this post by mentioning that it is pure lunacy to not have a search option on your website, but I took a look at my site and realized that I did not have one. Hopefully soon there will be one on the site.

So IF you have a search box on your WordPress site, then I highly suggest that you install the plugin called Search Meter. What this plugin does is track the searches made by visitors on your site, so that you can react to any queries that may appear.

The plugin breaks the results into two sections that will help out your site immensely:

Search Summary: This shows all the completed searches that were done on your site where the user successfully found content. This tells you what content your visitors are looking for, of course Google Analytics can do this as well. More importantly it tells you popular content that people are looking for but have troubles finding. With this knowledge you can perhaps rearrange the site content to make the popular content easier to find. For the number of people using the search function there are most likely a number of people not using it and moving on to another website.

Unsuccessful Search Summary: This tells you what people are searching for but were not able to find it on the site. This can help you come up with new content for pages or posts that would be beneficial for your visitors. You could also take a look at this to see what search terms people are using to look for content and either rephrase page content, or perhaps use them as potential Adowrds, or SEO campaigns.

It’s a simple plugin with some pretty awesome powers. You can check it out here: Search Meter.

Keep in mind that I have a WordPress Updates by Donation service available, so if you have troubles installing and configuring plugins I can help you without putting a hole in your wallet.

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