Saying Good Bye to an Old Friend – My John Fluevog Angels

John Fluevog Two Tones

They may resist water, fatigue and Satan, but no matter how hard you try, they cannot resist time. My John Fluevog “Two Tones” were not only the best pair of shoes, but they were also a great friend.

I have the typical male poor fashion sense, but for some reason I have a good sense for shoes. My shoe collection used to rival that of my wife’s. I am a man with penchant for shoes; I have John Fluevog to thank for that.

These shoes helped define my personal style, they allowed me to hear the phrase “I love your shoes” more times then I can recall. I once heard the from an employer that the only edge I had against other applicants were my shoes. Sadly, now after 7 years of wear and countless trips to the cobbler, my Angels lay rest between an empty box of Mini Wheats and a bag of dirty diapers.

Their final time being worn was to the church where my son was baptized. I figured that it was fitting that my Angel’s final journey was to carry my son to be baptized, and thus assisting with their promise to “resist Satan.”

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Mr. White I am sorry for your loss. I to will miss your two tones, as they are almost a part of my personal image of who you are. On this day it was not just a pair of shoes that died it was a part of the White. However; with death there is also life, as your son was baptized. Mr. White, I know the wound is still deep from your loss, but move forward, get up, and go shopping. Embark on your new journey with your son and your family, you will need good shoes. Frew


Modish Mama

For a long time, if I pictured you in my minds eye, I pictured you wearing those shoes. So when I pictured you with loathing after you stole my Piglet magnet, it was in those shoes. And when I pictured you as a super web genius that made the best girly blog ever, it was in those shoes. Now my mind is confused… what shall I do? Rest in Peace Two-Toned shoes.


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