My New Pancake Technique is Unstoppable


That’s right: My new pancake technique IS unstoppable. Of course it may stop your heart. Please only attempt the following if you have a decent cholesterol level and have no fear of having a heart attack. Even if you do run the risk of being jolted around by a few shots from a defibrillator you should maybe try this out.

I have a thing for butter. My friends say it is because of my English heritage. Where ever it comes from I am sure it will be my downfall, and yet it will be so worth it.

So basically whenever I eat anything I ask myself: “Would butter make this better” Sometimes the answer is no, but for the most part the answer is yes. Once I have established the fact that butter can improve the food I apply a “healthy” dose of butter.

When Saturday morning comes around I get very exited for having butter for breakfast. Pancakes, waffles, french toast, all these things are just an excuse to consume butter. Most Saturdays consist of pancakes a ton of butter, and of course…butter flavoured syrup.

Have I grossed you out too much so far or are you still with me?

If you have stuck it out this far then I would like to share with you my new pancake technique. Sometimes when I ask the “would butter make this better” question it is sometimes followed by “how can I increase the effectiveness of the butter on <insert food here>.” Last Saturday I again asked this question about pancakes and was surprised by vision I was blessed with.

Pancake’s butter effectiveness level could be increased by putting butter inside the pancake.

Let me provide an example of how butter and pancakes normally react: You take a decent slab of butter and place it on the pancake. It proceeds to slide off. You take your knife and spread it around a bit. Then you pour on the syrup and it washes all of the butter to the plate. Now you have wasted a ton of ‘yellow gold.’

Here is how you fix this situation and put the butter on the inside and thus create a much tastier pancake.

  1. Grab your favourite steak knife ( I know you have a favourite!)
  2. Make light parallel incisions approximately 1cm apart along the surface of the pancake
  3. Apply the butter
  4. Give the butter a few moments to seep into the pancake
  5. Pour on the syrup

And that my friends is my new ‘Pancake Technique.’ If you love pancakes and butter I think this will really improve your breakfast experiences. Let me know if you have tried this, will try it, or think that this is really, really disgusting.

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Ok Chris, this is just too funny.

Of course the butter craving runs in the Whiteley family. Debra puts blobs of butter on anything.

She is presently eating day-old Chinese food as I write this. Just before she re-heated it in the microwave, she stuck a big fat blob of butter on the top of it. Gross!

Sometimes I can't tell if she is having toast with butter, or butter with toast. There must be something in the Whiteley past that causes this craving for butter. Maybe it's a 'butter' curse.

Mind you, I feel the same way about 'Miracle Whip'. If it's a green vegetable (pick any one), I put a healthy blob of the white stuff on it. Debra, who by the way loves 'Hellman's Mayo', thinks this is gross. Then proceeds to put a blob of butter on hers.

Who says God doesn't have a sense of humor – He put the two of us together (35 years & counting) 🙂




By the way, I love pancakes! I add shredded coconut to the dry mix before adding the water. Adds a bit of crunchiness & sweetness to the pancakes. Don't really need any syrup, just a bit of butter (Ok, in your case, lots of butter). Sometimes I roll the pancake up like a crepe & eat it like that. Mmmm!

Debra refuses to eat any pancakes with coconut in them. She likes coconut – just not in her pancakes. 🙂



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