Much Like the First Cut, The First Post is the Deepest

Bob Ross Painting a BlogThat first blog post is a bitch.

Trust me I know.  I have started countless blogs over the course of my blogging career, and every time its that first post that really holds you back from getting started.  Whether its a blog for business or a personal blog, its all the same.

That blank canvas is a real pain.

For some reason Bob Ross never seemed to have that problem.  He just whipped out a brush and started painting.  He makes me angry sometimes, how he can just pick up a brush and start painting.  If he wasn’t so laid back and ‘happy’ I would most likely throw my TV through the wall.  Of course we have to realize that he has been doing this for a long time and has probably made thousands of paintings.

I guess this doesn’t solve the problem of how to get past the first post.  It proves that eventually it gets easier, and once you have a few posts under your belt you can probably just start typing and have a great post come out. To make you feel better I bet the first painting Bob Ross ever did was not that happy.  So even though your first post may not be a masterpiece you still need to create it in order to get to that second post (I would like to thank Sesame Street for allowing me to have logic and counting skills to construct that last sentence).

How I kill the first post:

You have your blog, you have the topic for your blog in mind.  My suggestions for the first all important post is to just start typing.  Much like stream of consciousness writing you just need to start rambling.  What I usually do is open up a text editor and start writing about the topics I will cover on the blog, as well as set out in words what I want to achieve with my blog.  This does a few things for you.  First off it lets your potential subscribers know what your blog is about, and if they are interested they will return for more posts later.  Second, you commit to a blog, you have set a out a contract with yourself by writing out your goals for the site and signed it by pressing the publish button.

I am personally tired of first posts, so hopefully this blog will be my last startup (we can only hope).

Do you have a method to get past the first post of a blog?

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Hi Chris,

Unfortunately, I don't have a method for getting past the first post. If I did I would have made one by now. If you ever discover the secret, please let me know.

What you do seems like a good idea. I have taken note and will try it although it has always been a problem for me to actually put down in words what is going on in my head! (Probably best that way)



@April: As I said in the post, just start writing! Make your first post about your inability to write a post. Blogs grow with time, so even if your first few posts are poop, eventually they will be forgotten.



Hi Chris,

Hope you are well.

Thanks for that. Yes, I suppose it doesn't really matter about the first few posts – it's not like anybody's going to find them!



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