You Have to Make Those Keywords Your Bitch

Prodigy Smacking the Keywords

So Today I spent some time making a few keywords my bitch.  That’s what you have to do to have a successful anything on the web.  You need those keywords to do your bidding. Now there are a few things that you need to do in order to “make the keywords your bitch”

First you need to know what keywords to use.  You can’t just slap around any old keywords that come to mind,  You have to ensure that people are actually putting these keywords into Google*

Now from working in web design I have learned that people have troubles processing keywords research. Most people assume that you just come up with a few keywords that you THINK your target market will use to find your blog, product or service. This is only the beginning. You can think up keywords until your head explodes (like in Scanners), but without proper research you won’t know whether people are actually putting these keywords terms into Google.

So in order to get started you will need some tools. My personal fav is a blow torch, of course this will be ineffective as a research tool (but damn fun). My keyword research tool of choice would have to be Market Samurai.

Market Samurai has a ton of awesome functionality in the full version of the program which I do not have. When you download the trial you can test out the full features of the program. Thankfully the keyword research tool is always available even after the trial period ends.

This is where you could spend hours just coming up with ideas for blogs. I have to give myself a time limit or I get idea overload.

Here is my quick process on using Market Samurai to find a keywords phrase to target (for further help I suggest Youtube or the Market Samurai Video Tutorials). Now during this process I am only going to target one keywords phrase. I’m not going to worry about finding a ton of keywords or phrases. I find it easier to start with just one phrase. I like to keep things simple and quick. I don’t even edit my posts; I’m lazy and want things done quick

So back to Market Samurai:

  1. Once you have downloaded and installed the program click on the ‘New Keyword’ button, and then type in your niche.  For me it was Star Wars.
  2. Next click on Keywords Research.
  3. On the next screen click generate keywords. This should bring up a ton of keyword ideas.
  4. Click on Analyze keywords
  5. From the next screen you will need to add some numbers to the filters so that you can weed out the cruddy phrases: Where it says SEO Traffic enter 100, and where it says SEO Comp enter 50,000. Now you just need to pick one with low competition and high traffic. Choose wisely.

At this point you may end up modifying your original plan. I thought I was going to blog about Star Wars Collectibles, but I noticed that a much better niche would be Star Wars Clothing. If you need more info on Market Samurai head to Youtube. There are ton of tutorials. But for the sake of simplicity all you need is the keyword research info above.

* as a side note, whenever I mention a search engine I will say Google.  I don’t really care about Yahoo! or Bing or any other search engine.  The reason being is that when Google takes over the world it will recognize me as one of its loyal subjects and not send me to the sandbox with the rest of humanity

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