Jennifer Love Hewitt & the Sneaker Pimps Save My Ipod From the Blender

Sometimes my iPod really hates me.  No matter how many times I click the forward button while on Shuffle I get an endless steam of Garth Brookes, NAS, and Rhianna.  The stuff that my wife has filled our iTunes with.  Every once and a while it hits the jackpot. It finds that perfect song that fits your mood, the weather, the speed and style of your walk.  Today my iPhone did just that, which is good because if it decided to have John Mayer tell me that my ‘Body is a Wonderland’ one more time, then my iPod would have to endure a home test of ‘Will it Blend.’

Today I walked out the office on a journey to find a cup of coffee.  I took a step outside, put on my sunglasses and felt the warm sun on my face.  I took my iPod out of my pocket and placed the earbuds to my ears and began to walk.  I pressed the play button and did not worry about what was to come next as my mood was too good to be ruined even by a random bout of ‘Boyz II Men.’ Silence for a few moments and then a nice smooth sound caressed my ears: Sneaker Pimps, 6 Underground.  Suddenly the world slowed down a bit, my walk turned into a swagger, and then sun felt just a little bit longer.

That song always reminds me of the movie Can’t Hardly Wait.  To this day it is still one of favourite movies.  I think this is due to the fact that I really identified with Preston while in highschool. I was a lovestruck romantic idiot that didn’t fully fit in with the cool crew or the dorks, but had a few friends within most of the generic cliques. I also had a big crush on JLH.

Today my iPod saved itself from destruction by not only choosing a song that fit the mood, but also pulled on a bit of disease: Nostaligia.

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Modish Mama

I love 6 Underground but I have to say I have never watched Can't Hardly Wait. This seems weird to me that you have seen that movie and loved it and I have not. I think I should download 6 Underground… it's been awhile.


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