If It Were Possible to Drop Kick a 3D Movie in The Face…

There was one 3D movie that I really loved. To this day I still talk about it any time someone rambles on about how awesome 3D movies are. It may be due to the fact that I suffer from Nostaligia, or perhaps it is just because it was the best damn 3D movie ever.

That movie was Captain EO.

I am really not sure if the 3D was better or if it was just my memory of it, but I just don’t get as excited about digital 3D. I remember this kickass book that came in Shreddies boxes in the 80’s. You opened your box of Shreddies and out came the blue/red glasses and a Dukes of Hazzard comic book in 3D. That was 3D.  Compared to todays digital 3D people probably would refer to it as “Garage Sale 3D.”  I preferred “Garage Sale 3D”

The first digital 3D movie I saw was Scrooge. I have to say that the movie was really well done and the 3D effects were really cool. After leaving the theatre I raved about how awesome the 3D look was (I also bored my wife with stories of Captain EO). The next movie I saw in 3D was Avatar, for those that have seen the film (and for those that ended up with the “Avatar Blues”) you know how great the 3D effects were.

But now things are getting out of hand.

I mean every other movie is in 3D (or a remake of something). Now its just a staple. You make a movie and you find some way to work in the 3D gimmick. This would be fine if it was used with taste instead of making 3D movies for the sake of making 3D movies. If I see a preview for “The Godfather 4 in 3D” I’m going to .

The real reason I am against 3D movies.

In the past when you went to the theatre to see a 3D movie, did you notice that the cost was about $5 more than usual? That’s right, there is a premium added to the regular price of the film. Now that the vast majority of the movies are in 3D people are getting used to paying this extra premium. My prediction is that once this 3D fad is over and done with, people will be so used to paying that extra for their tickets that the price will remain at the premium 3D prices.

This is why I am not a fan of 3D movies these days. It’s not about awesome. It’s about tricking us into thinking that paying extra to see a movie. So what am I going to do, stick my head out the window and yell “I’m as mad as Hell and I’m not going to take this anymore?” No way. I just won’t feel bad any time I decide to “act like a pirate”

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Agreed. 3D is expensive and it sucks. It often makes me nauseous and seems pointless. I go out of my way to find the 2D versions of 3D movies. (Avatar was cool, but it also gave me a splitting headache and I have no desire to ever see it again.)


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