Hairstyle Inspiration for a Bald Man from a Demon

I am a bald dude. A chrome dome. When I was younger I fought against it with Rogaine, herbs, scalp massage and prayer. It was tough accepting the fact that my appearance would be changing. It wasn’t 100% about vanity, it was more about variety. I enjoyed being able to change my appearance often by changing my hairstyle, it was just fun for me.

I sometimes think back to a ┬áday when I was getting my hair cut and the haidresser said to me “I want to test out a new hairstyle on you that is going to be very popular soon. It’s called the ‘Predator.'” She showed me a picture of a guy with a mohawk but still had hair in the sides of his head. I told her that was the dumbest thing I had ever seen. Who would half ass a mohawk like that. Years later the Predator did catch on, but lived under a different name: Fauxhawk, and by then I was too late for me.

Nowadays I pretty much have the horseshoe bald man hairstyle. There is still a bit up top, but really those hairs aren’t covering much scalp. I think they are in denial. I have accepted my fate of being a bald dude, as I feel now that it really makes me look more like a Dad. Dads are bald and have a mustache or a beard. Of course if I had the chance to grow it all back I would. Again its not about as much about vanity as it is about variety. There are so many cool options for hairstyles when you have hair. When you are bald you really only have two options that are cool. Anything else just looks silly.

Option 1: Shave your head.

It’s simple and things look nice and even. You don’t have to go all Mr Clean and have a shiny noggin, you can just get it trimmed nice and short.

Option 2: Hellboy

I dream of having this haircut. It’s really the only cool option of hairstyle for a horseshoe style bald guy. Basically all it is is really long hair on the side and the back pulled into kind of an asian samurai style bun at the back with really big chops.
I would love to have this hairstyle but I am pretty sure that if I did my wife would never show her face with me in public.

For sheer awesomenees it may be worth the risk, but what it comes down to is my couch isn’t all the comfortable to sleep on. Perhaps there are other rad bald hairstyles out there that may be tolerable to the general public, but I haven’t seen or heard about them yet.

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I say go for the Hellboy!


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