Guide to the Pop Culture References in my 2012 WordCamp Victoria Session

I guess you can’t really call yourself “WordPress Awesome” unless you have spoken at an official WordCamp. I’m glad I have that covered now. My session was called “Blog Comments: Validation of How Awesome You Are” which covered why having credibility for your blog is important, and how to generate comments on your blog to give an appearance of credibility.

Within the talk there were a lot of Pop Culture references. Some were subtle and some were most likely only obvious to me. I had a few people ask me about some of the references that may have been missed which prompted me to put together this post showing each of the references I used in my session.

Reservoir Dogs style ChrisReservoir Dogs

While not mentioned in the slides, I dressed in a black suit and skinny tie to represent the Reservoir Dogs.

Glengarry Glen Ross

In my opening slide I used a still from the scene where Alec Baldwin unleashed a torrent of ‘eff bombs‘ and tells a group of real estate agents that only the top two closers will be keeping their jobs.

True Romance

I accidentally skipped over it but was supposed to say “I haven’t done any public speaking since 1984” which is a reference to the line that Christopher Walken said after killing Dennis Hopper’s character.

The Peoples Court

To start my section on how people judge blogs I used an image of Judge Wapner handing over a gavel to Judge Milian.

Judge Dredd

To continue the judging section I used an image of Sylvester Stallone from the film Judge Dredd.

Robert Downey Jr.

I referenced a post that I wrote some time ago on “Dork and Beans” where I tried to make a statement of how I dislike how the law likes to dish out free passes to celebrities. It instead turned into an RDJ bashing session. Due to that post I received my first ever hate mail/death threats (check out the comments)

Pulp Fiction

I created a banner for the imagined Samuel L. Jackson blog called “The Art of Being Badass

Super Mario Brothers

I used an image from the first level of the game to illustrate the point about “starting from the beginning.”

The Legend of Zelda

I used the fact that Link starts off with a wooden sword and then keeps getting a better sword as a metaphor to show how this strategy involves starting off slow and then building up.

The Legend of Zelda

I again referenced this game and used a quote from the very beginning of the game “It’s dangerous to go alone” to illustrate that we will need the help of others to be successful.

Worlds Finest Chocolates

The terrible and expensive chocolate that has been self titled “Worlds Finest Chocolate” was used to show how you can’t just ask random peole for help. You need to have some kind of credibility with people before they will help you.

From Dusk Til Dawn

I used my old man voice and modified the scene where George Clooney is looking to get a motel room.


Continuing on the theme that you need credibility, and that you have built in credibility with your friends and family.

He Man

On the slide where I mention using the power of Facebook I showed an image of He Man and said “by the power of Facebook.” I had no magic sword to hold aloft.

Mark Zuckerberg

During my section about using Facebook I used an image of Mark Zuckerberg.

Fred Rogers

When speaking about looking for locally written blogs I used an image of Mr. Rogers.

Catch Me if You Can

In the “Stalking for Credibility” section of the session I used an image of Tom Hanks from Catch Me if You Can looking over some documents as the main image.

Wheel of Fortune

A shot of Vanna White and the puzzle board was the main image used in my “Bonus Round” section.

Rick Astley

On my final slide I had created a QR code that I was hoping people would scan. When the code was scanned it would redirect you to a page on my site that had Rick Astley singing “Never Gonna Give You Up.”


Any other references that may have come up were purely coincidental and due to the fact that I make pop culture references to illustrate my point pretty much all the time (which drives my wife crazy). I use pop culture references in pretty much all my blogs posts to illustrate some kind of point, so naturally I had to use them in my Wordcamp presentation.

Any thoughts as to what other references I should have used (Back to the Future, Goonies…)?”

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Lesley Hayden

How sad is it that I was totally paying attention and managed to miss, oh probably HALF of these?! I’m gonna blame it on our age difference, ha ha! You really did a great job up there and gave some solid practical tips. Thanks for getting me there!



    Glad, you came to WordCamp Lesley. Now all we need to do is put together a blog for you and Carmelle and we can start the “2731 Blog Network.”


      Carmelle Whiteley

      Oh, I am SO up for the 2731 Blog Nework. My section will be the Gossip Girl section where I peep and report back on the happenings around our neighbourhood! 😛


Carmelle Whiteley

Wow! It’s amazing that your taught your attendees anything about blogs!! Just kidding! After hearing the presentation three times at home, I can safely say that I learned quite a few useful tips about how to bring more comments to one’s own blog. I also learned that you may actually be living in the 80s in your own mind. Perhaps the 90s, at most. 🙂
Great job, my little Pop Culture-er.



    I’m reluctant to find I’m stuck in the 90’s again…


Raymond Parker

I found found the presentation helpful, despite not being much of a pop culture aficionado, therefore missing many of the references … except Mr. Rogers, which always reminds me of the Robin Williams send- up: “Goddamn! Somebody stole my sneakers … Let’s put Mr. Hamster in the microwave. Pop goes the weasel! Can you say radiation?”

Well, there’s a bit of pop culture, I guess. Probably best not to work that into a lecture though 🙂

I added the e-mail followup plugin to my blog. Had been trying to figure out how to get that option for a while. I notice the one you have also includes option to “subscribe w/o commenting.”

Thanks again.



    Thanks for coming to the session, glad you found it helpful.

    I took a quick look at your subscribe to comments section and then mine and I noticed the code was slightly different. I checked out my plugins and it turns out that I am using one called “Subscribe to Comments Reloaded” which is the same as the original plugin but has a few more features built in. If you want to used that one instead here is the link to the plugin page


      Raymond Parker

      Ah, yes! I did download that one but checked my notes from your lecture and changed it. I’ll change back. Thanks.


        Raymond Parker

        On second thought, the “reloaded” version doesn’t seem to play well with something (my theme perhaps). There’s no space between the submit button, and font size varies from page to page. Back to the simple version.



          That’s odd. My guess is that there may be a CSS class used in the plugin that is also used in your theme.

          If you can live without the extended features, the original plugin is still pretty handy to have.

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