Drop Kicking Your Bucket List for a Twitter List

I hate lists. I can’t stand them and yet this post is about making lists. When the movie the Bucket List came out and all people would talk about was creating and doing a bucket list things got tiring really fast. I am all for uplifting movies, but more so in a “Howard the Duck” kind of way.

This post is the third in my series about how to get more comments to your WordPress blog. In the first post I covered how to get more comments through your friends and family to give your blog the appearance of awesome, and the second post covered the theory of giving back to receive comments. This last strategy is really just the shot in the dark, do it because it’s fun, hope for the best kind of strategy.

If you have been following along you should have found a number of local blogs to read on a regular basis. If that has been completed then you will need to do a bit of detective work at this point. Head to the their blogs and see if you can figure out if they are on Twitter or not. If you are followed the techniques from my last post then you most likely found them through the Twitter search.

Start following these bloggers if you haven’t already, and then put them all in a Twitter list so you can keep track of them. The first benefit is that they may recognize you from your comments and then follow you back. This will give you a great start to building a relationship with this person. The second benefit is that you can get Twitter updates of when they publish new posts. Once you have built the list then start to build relationships with these people. Don’t get all ‘Spammy Kiss Ass’ – be genuine. If you don’t like the person or their blog, then don’t follow and don’t read.

Another thing you can do is retweet their post announcements with a quick comment of your own about the post. This works great if you read a post and have nothing of value to add to the comment section. By doing this you still get to help this person get exposure and in turn they will most likely help you out as well.

Keep in mind that being a successful blogger requires a bit of work. These things take a bit of work and time to get moving, but with consistent effort you should see some results.

If you have tried any of these techniques or have a few strategies of your own please do share in the comments below. I mean really, if you are reading a series of posts about how to get more comments to your blog and don’t leave a comment after reading this then you are just a mean, mean person (besides leave me a comment and I will probably subscribe to your blog and read it, comment on it, and maybe even retweet it).

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I am only commenting so I won’t be considered a mean, mean person. It, does sound like you are on to something there. I do often read your blog when you post it to FB so why not Twitter too.



    Not only will I recognize that you are not mean, but I am pretty sure that when I installed the Facebook Like button on my blog you were the first person to use it!


Modish Mama

Very good advice Chris. I am super bad at step #2 cause I barely have time to write a blog let alone read others… But one day, I will have time again & I will follow your advice wise Guru



    It was the same for me. My list of blogs to read was piling up and my reading actually consisted of clicking the ‘mark as read’ button. For me, what I have started is setting aside 2 hours on Friday (1 hour at breakfast 1 hour while The Boy naps), then if I miss the reading I could catch up over the weekend. I know its a lot tougher for you to commit to a schedule as you have triple the kids I have.

    I also noticed that you used the tagging people in Facebook strategy I suggested in a previous post. How did that work out for you?



huzzah to generating comments on your blog 😛



Did anyone notice the “Easter Egg” I had hidden on this page? (hint: using the tab button on your keyboard may help.)


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