Don’t Taste the Rainbow. It Tastes Like 1998.

Colour: It’s an important part of your website and WordPress theme.  Chances are you paid good money to a designer to cook up a visually pleasing layout and colour scheme for your site (or perhaps you spent time looking for a free theme – time is money right?). So why would you go ahead and shit on the great colour scheme by adding a rainbow of colours for the text of your site. This may not be you but perhaps you know someone that goes colour crazy in the posts of their WordPress blogs.

WordPress has a built in text editor for when you create a page or post on your site.  It gives you a bunch of text editing  options which unfortunately includes the ability to add colour to the text.  This will often lead to a mix of blue, green and red text within a single page.  While you have this amazing new ability to “edit” your website, you really need to consider how the mess you are creating looks to potential visitors or customers.

Instead of splashing around colour like a bag of Skittles may I suggest an alternative?

When designing a Worpdress theme a designer will set a specific layout, colour and style of various heading elements.  These elements match the overall design of your site and do not punch your visitors in the face with colour palette that mirrors an elementary school field trip permission slip.

Within the post editor there is a drop down menu (which is just 3 buttons over from the text colour button) which has a number of choices such as paragraph, heading 1, heading 2.  These are what you should do to create headlines or featured pieces of text.  Just select the text and then choose one of the options from the drop down.  In the text area you won’t see the special formatting like you would the “finger paint” text, so just hit the Preview button to see how the post will look.  If you have a theme built by a good designer then the heading options you used should showcase that specific text and match the design of the site.

So next time you feel the urge to play designer, try to remember that obscene amounts of colours may look unprofessional and cause your potential clients to look elsewhere to take their business

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