A Good Vs. Evil Paradigm Shift

In my younger days (which in relation to this post was any year of my life prior to the last one) I would always root for the bad guy when it came to movies, books, cartoons etc. I think it was due to the fact that the evil characters were always much more flashy and cool when compared to the good guys.

Take the Transformers for example: The Autobots could turn into cars and trucks, which really isn’t all that exciting for a robot that can transform. The Decepticons could transform into, jets, guns, tape decks. A bunch of really cool things. For this main reason I always cheered for the Decepticons, and got pretty upset every time the Autobots came along and ruined everything. The same applies for GI Joe if we were to keep the cartoon examples coming.

Recently I have found myself rooting for the good guys more often than I had in the past. I had to really sit down and think for a moment what caused this shift in perspective. What I came up with really made me feel quite old.  My wife calls it wisdom, but personally I think its old age catching up to me.

The reason I have turned my back on the evil organizations/characters is due to a lack in leadership and organization.

From what I recall most evil organizations lack a solid platform of organization and planning.  They have the end goal in mind, but somehow manage to get overtaken by the forces of good due to their lack of planning.

In regards to leadership there always seems to be a lot more instances of insubordination, blatant disregard for leadership, and often their is someone just waiting for an opportunity to usurp the leaders position. Take a look at the Transformers again: Starscream did a fantastic job of sucking up to Megatron, but would stab him in the back at any given opportunity to further his dreams of leading the Decepticons.

So now I cheer for the good guys. They may not be flashy or cool but they have strong organizational skills, a sense of loyalty, and a respect for authority.

Damn, getting older is weird huh?

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